Dog Crate

Dog owners dislike leaving their dogs alone when going away on holidays. A dog crate offers the ideal solution allowing you to take your dog with you wherever you go. A dog crate can be used for any purpose ranging from trips to the vet to being taken on flights. Dog cages come in all sizes to accommodate all breeds. Big dogs require larger crates whilst smaller breeds can be transported in portable plastic dog carriers.

Dog crates come in different types from Plastic, Wire and Fabric. Wire dog crates are ideal for use inside the home as they are easily folded away for storage and transport purposes. Dogs are instinctive and like to have their own space where they can hide away and feel secure. Most of these places are under a table or behind a settee but with a dog crate they have their own permanent den to stay in. Indoor crates are lightweight and are therefore easy to move outdoors if the need arises.

Travelling is a lot safer with your pet when they are in a dog car crate. If your pet is travel sick then a car crate can make your dog feel better as limited living space helps to settle them down. A dog car crate also provides support when on a windy road and also when you are braking.

For those dog lovers that like to travel further there also airline approved dog crates which allow your pet to be transported on a plane whilst keeping them safe and secure.

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